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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spm arr getting close...

huh, SPM arr getting close ... there is 2 more days left for me t0o study .... huh , cant let every0ne disspointed wif me and ma result .. i ned t0o d0 ma best and as i can ... huh , ned t0o lets ma handfone in mo0de 0ff ..... i dunt want t0o be failled , s0 the best way t0o get the best result is sacrifice .... thats is 0nly the way t0o get the best way ..... ma dad ask me t0o stdy every nyte ... huh , feel very pressure , but aftr SPM i can enjoyed ama life and do0 wat i want t0o d0 ....hehehe ...... s0 , juz d0 wat ever0ne want me t0o do ... coz , if i failled , thats meant i hve disspointed every0ne thts depends 0n me f0r all this time ... 
=( .... bbbllluuurrr ,otak gue nyerrrr , huhu ....... stdy2 ..... but if stdy jerrr is does enough , i als0 ned t0o pray t0o get better result , compare the trial ... aaaarrrggghhh , skt kpala .... nyerr bwu spm lom agi keje , x taw larrh cmn t bha ... hancur kali hdop q .... huhuh

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