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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ary ney mom blek gtaw !

aq pown x taw apa yng aq rsa !
epy karh taw pown x ?!
ptut'ya ko ptut epy bha eyra !
but y sddnly u seen does epy wen hear u mom
r comin ..
aaarrrrggghhhh !
rite now only one thng i think ,
which is is tht ma mom will be epy wen she look at me ?!
i juz dunt want mke the situation bcome mre complicated ,,,,
coz , i olrdy ma mom does like me ?!
so , wat 4 im waiting ?!
wke up eyra !

u should stay away from u mom ...
and u should give u mom some space to tink !
i know ma mom in trouble rite now ..
wat should i do ..
i ned some advice ! aftr this ma mom won see me
again !
remember that ,
i juz dunt wnt hurt ma mom feeling ! that oll ..
but i cant ! i cant be a god son for her !
y i should throught all of this !
i juz cant stand it anymre !
plzz i also ned sme space to tink and through this all ...
enough make me feel guilty !

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