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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

sick !!!!

arrrgghhh >>>
i get flu and fever !!!

for the long period i never get sick ...
but ,
suddenly i get sick !!!!!
aaaaaarrrrrggghhhh ....
how can ?!
all that happen ....
oowhh >>>
i know why and wat is the reason i get sick ..
i get the answer >>
coz ,
i mic ma all frenz ..
mybe larrh ,,
and i didt get enough rest and sleep ..
how can i sleep ?!!!
ma mynd alwys tink bout ma
grandma ..
until i get sick ..

plus ,
i always eat late ..
that why larrh ...
then i tell ma hbby
that i get sick !!
then ma hbby get mad wif me
he said :
sapa suwuh x pndai jaga diri ?!!!
kan dah sakit ..
toe larrh law b swuh mam awl2 x maw ,'
cyg mlawn kan ...
twus aq pown mnjawb ,
yrlah toe ...
then ma hbby ckp na mlawan laarrh toe
law d kci taw ?!!
twus aq ckp mana ada cyg mlawan bha
aiii ...
huh ..
ma hbby ckp g ,
g larrh mam ubat past toe rhat2 larrh k ...
aq pown yrlah ..

p/s : abes jak aQ mndy tdy aduii , rantai aQ potus plak ... huh ,, sakkkkeett nyerr aty Q bha ..
         sabar sak aQ nyerr !!!
naseb2 ... huh ..

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