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Thursday, December 2, 2010


today , when i woke up in this moning ,
i find out there is still no one at home ....
then , suddenly i feel juz want to cry coz , no one beside me ...
no one !!!!!
why ?!
i must stay alone at home untli no one 
want to a company me ...
and not juz coz of that ...
there is one more thing thats 
i ned to cook by ma self alone 
eat alone ..
hahahahahaha .....
sad + funny =
im laughing alone ...
is that im crazy ?!
dunt care if wat they want to say 
bout me ....
the important is ;
im epy ..
also sad ......
but never mynd 
here at ma home im i charge ..,.
heeeeeeeeee ~
im the boss !!!
i like to be a bosss 

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