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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

miss her so damm muchh !!!

i miss all bout ma mom so damm much ..
arrggghhhh ...
i feel hate wen i see ma all ma frenz hough her mom ...
wat bout me ?!
who i should hough every day ?!
i ned her very much rite now ..
i ned her to company me ...
even i ever said that im not miss her !!
that juz a lie !!
which son does luv wif her mom ?!
i juz a ungrateful so
said like that !!
coz , they does know how to appricate someone ..
that already infront of them ..
they will feel it later ...
like me , i alwys miss her very much ..
until i never tell anyone bout it ..
except ajar >>
she is the one who always listen all ma poblem ...
she never say no wen i wnt to story bout ma life ...
she willing to hear it !!!

not juz that !!
i also mis ma dad so damm much ..
i miss his smile , laugh ...
also his money !!!
juz kidding ...

i also miss all ma frenz ..
i juz hve a few days to laugh , smile and stting wif ma frenz ..
and we story bout other people life ..
hahaha ..
cayunk dwang smua ..
tutamanya ,,
dwang azie , ajar , amoi dan ema juak ...
x mungkin akan aq dpt lpakan smua knangan terindah itu !!
wlpown kmi dah x togther2 agi ..
tp aq akan slalu engat dwang ...
engat ttoe !!!

p/s : aQ harap pas nyerr kwang smua dpt jga dri kmo cmua bek2 ...
jan nakal2 ...
aQ pasti akan rndu ama kmo smua ..
dan akn rsa khlangan kmo ..
thnx untk smua knangan yang trindah ini ...
azie , amoi , ajar dan ema ..

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