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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dunt want lose u !!!
i feel lke wanna cry juz coz of u ...'
but , wat i should do if im losing u !!!
rite now i really feel depress ..
so much trouble come into ma life ..
wat should i do ?!
how im going to handle it by ma self ...
tell me !!
before this if i hve a poblem u alwys beside me 
and give me support !!
but now , u see im down wifout u ....
help me ...
i really ned u ..
only u can help me handle all this kind of poblem ...
u alwys here when i ned u ...
now im losing u !!
i know i was wrong 
coz ,
i never appricated u wen u here beside me ..
im wrong !!!
tis is all ma fault !!!
i luv u damm much ..
do u know that ...

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