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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why ?!

smthyme im asking ma self y u must leave me ?!
even juz for a while ! i feel very lonley wifout u ma hubby ! aaarrrrggghhh !
alwyz ned to be patient face this all thing ! i hate i so damm much ! u know ?!
u never tink bout ma feeling ! juz only me ned to tink bout u for all ma thyme ! i never hate it !
but ! can u smthyme tink bout ma feeling to ?! i mis u so damm much ! i can life wifout u !
aaarrrrggghhhh ! god help me to face this ! i juz want u to be ma side for all thyme !
thts all ! its that hard ?! huhuhuhuh ...:(((
but , i will try to life witout u ! even juz for a while ! i try ma best ! i promise that i won cry !
Sky Is Crying

feel very sad wen u r leaving me ! no more laugh ! no more smile !

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